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Month: May 2010

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Ask the Screenplay Doctor: On Film Schools and (NewEnglandFilm.Com)



Is film school worth the plunge?  Is worth the money?  The Screenplay Doctor addresses these two questions in her latest column.


Where do you send your script if you are a complete unknown writer? The Screenplay Doctor addresses this question in her latest column. Email to have your question answered in next month’s issue.

When you believe you are ready to submit your screenplay for representation or to a production company, put yourself in the executives’ shoes. Make sure that your screenplay is really ready for submission and that you are not sending it off because you think it’s good enough as is, and someone else will fix it. Do not be lazy! Your script is your calling card. If your script has typos, grammatical errors, copy machine marks, missing pages, sloppy mistakes, formatting errors, and so on, be warned — your script will be discarded and there is a very good chance that the company will never want to read anything else that you send them.

Who can I send my script to?  I am unpublished with no agent. – Adam

I am assuming that when you write “unpublished” that you mean that you have not had any films produced based on your screenplays. If this is the case, then the next step is to write a query letter and to seek representation (agent, manager, or entertainment attorney) for your screenplay. Most production companies do not accept screenplays that are unsolicited — meaning that they do not have representation.

To whom can you send your script? You must research companies that are seeking new writers. Read screenwriting and film publications to learn about companies and talent (actors, directors, producers) looking to discover new writers. Many companies only seek projects that are a specific genre. For example: If you have a horror screenplay and submit the screenplay (assuming that the company does accept unsolicited screenplays), to a company that has only produced comedies or states on their website that they only seek dramas, this is definitely not the company to choose. Target the companies that are the best fit for your project, and carefully read their submission guidelines.

Never send a script to anyone or to any company without it being requested. Your screenplay will be thrown out; this is a sign of an amateur.

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