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Month: August 2012

Ask the Screenplay Doctor: Getting to Hollywood and Tracking Down Agents

IMDBPro, a resource for finding agents

Getting to Hollywood and Tracking Down Agents

Knocking on Hollywood’s door not only means also using the doorbell, it means knowing how to find the right representation and companies for your screenplay. And, without question, your screenplay must be the absolute best it can be before you submit it for consideration.


Ask the Screenplay Doctor: Tips for Good Dialogue

Photo Credit: you’re writing a feature-length film or a short film, good dialogue will enhance your characters and bring life to your screenplay. Want to grab the attention of film executives?  Write good dialogue!

Characters’ voices must be distinctive and not interchangeable with other characters. Readers must be able to identify who is speaking without needing to look at your character headings. Characters’ speech patterns, idiosyncratic phrases, staccato responses, and even their pauses, will enrich their dialogue and make each character identifiable. Keep in mind less is often more — the less said can prove more poignant.