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Month: July 2013

Susan’s Interview with Nadia Dresti for SydneysBuzz/IndieWire

Nadia Dresti, Delegate of the Artistic Direction, Head of International at the Locarno International Film Festival talks to Susan Kouguell about Industry Days (August 10-12), Step In and Carte Blanche.  Nadia Dresti: “The film festival’s role has to become more a place to help a film to be released afterwards, and Locarno is a perfect place to put these people together and mix.”

Interview with Nadia Dresti

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The Film-Philosophy Conference 2013 – Beyond Film (Amsterdam)

Susan Kouguell with Brazilian Presenters and Filmmakers in Amsterdam

A few words about…

The Film-Philosophy Conference 2013
Beyond Film
ASCA (Amsterdam) and EYE Film Institute Netherlands

A special thank you to Professor Philipp Schmerheim at the Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis for the invitation to attend the recent Beyond Film conference, (10 July – 12 July).  It was an inspiring event.

From the Film-Philosophy Web site:

Established in 2008 and taking place annually, the Film-Philosophy conference reflects the growing importance of film philosophy within the fields of both film studies and philosophy. It brings together scholars and filmmakers from all over the world to present their research on a broad range of topics within the subject area.

Among the presentations I attended that related directly to the International Women Film Directors course I teach at Tufts University, included the papers “Mutum, individuation and creation of affects” — (Mutum (2007) is a Brazilian feature film directed by Sandra Kogut) — the paper was presented by Davina Marques, (abstract written by Davina Marques and Antonio Carlos R. Amorim); “Synaesthetic Networks in Claire Denis’s Beau Travail and L’Intrus” presented by Sabine Doran; and “Violence as Philosophy in the Films of Claire Denis and Gaspar Noé” presented by Kristin Hrehor.

And, among the presentations I attended that related directly to my work as a thesis advisor in the Communications Media Studies program and screenwriting lecturer in the Drama and Dance department at Tufts University, was a lecture by Juliana Soares Bom Tempo:  “Effect of truth: the potency of the fake and the performance in video documentary.”  Clips of their 2012 film, Effects of Truth by Juliana Soares Bom Tempo and Christiano Barbosa, were screened.

To read more about the Conference and Abstracts from the international presenters click on:


Fellini in Amsterdam

Fellini in Amsterdam

Entering into the EYE Film Institute’s Fellini exhibition is an engaging step into the past and the world of the Italian film director Federico Fellini (1920-1993).   While the phrase “into the past” might evoke cliché images – there is nothing about this exhibit or Fellini’s visual style and imagination that can be considered cliché – this exhibition is a feast for the eyes.  Moving from room-to-room gives the sense of stepping into one of Fellini’s films. On the walls, breathtaking scenes from various Fellini films appear, including Amacord, City of Women, and La dolce vita.  Also on display are Fellini’s drawings, images from his dreams, as well as never-before-shown photographs and behind-the-scenes photographs by Gideon Bachmann, Deborah Beer and Paul Ronald. Movie posters and magazines from 1960-1985, also on view, offer further insight into Fellini’s films, his actors, and fellow collaborators. The Fellini exhibit presents a fascinating and unique insight into the director’s exploration of existential themes and his use of nonlinear narrative film structures, challenging traditional conventions. Step inside the forty-year career of Federico Fellini at the EYE Film Institute, which runs until September 22, 2013.

ASK THE SCREENPLAY DOCTOR Interview with Jeff Greenstein: Stories from TV’s Front Line

Interview with Emmy winner Jeff Greenstein

Showrunner, producer, and writer Jeff GreensteinAs the credits roll on some of the most critically acclaimed and groundbreaking television shows, including Friends, Will and Grace, Desperate Housewives, and Parenthood — writer, producer, showrunner, and Emmy award winner Jeff Greenstein’s name is seen prominently.

In his own words, here’s Jeff’s biographical background: “Jeff Greenstein grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Tufts University in Boston, where he started as a computer science major and careened through the art history department, and ended up with a degree in film and dance. This proved the ideal prelude to a glorious career in television comedy.”  His first job was on HBO’s Dream On, where he stayed for five seasons, rising from staff writer to showrunner and garnering several industry awards, including the coveted and sadly defunct CableACE. He then signed on for the first year of NBC’s Friends, earning Emmy nominations as both a producer of the series and as co-writer of the show’s first Thanksgiving episode. That same year he co-created Fox’s Partners, starring Jon Cryer and Tate Donovan, which won plenty of critical plaudits but, alas, no second season.