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Testimonials from Clients

“Kouguell has helped countless writers take their craft to the next level. I know because I’m one of them!”
–Dan Brown, Best-selling Author, The DaVinci CodeInferno

“Kouguell’s critiques are meticulous, her instincts inspired and her commitment to making my work the best it could be went far beyond the call of duty.”
–Will Scheffer, Writer/Executive Producer, Showrunner, Getting OnBig Love, In the Gloaming, Easter

“Scenes become more specific, characters fresher and stories better told. Kouguell will lead you to a finished script richer than even you dreamed it could be.”
–Mark Olsen, Playwright/Screenwriter/Creator/Executive Producer Getting On, Big Love

“Susan is the most gifted story analyst I’ve worked with. She has an uncanny ability to ask the sort of incisive, provocative questions, which can inspire and sharpen a writer’s vision that extra critical amount.  Her analysis defines the term “critical intelligence,” combining as it does technical skill, imagination, empathy, and a passion for writing and writers.  She never dictates and eschews formulas. Her concern is for bringing a writer’s idea to its full flower. And Susan does this with a warmth, humor, and respect, which would quickly dissolve any writer’s anxieties. Receiving a script analysis from Susan is a thoroughly rewarding experience, emotionally and professionally, and one I’d recommend to any screenwriter. ”
–Suzanne Griffin, Screenwriter, New York City. Clean Beigel Screenplay Award-winner; The Chocolate Kandinsky:   Best Screenplay in many competitions, including,  California International Shorts Film Festival;  “Spirit of   Moondance” , Gold Award for Short Screenplay 2012 Hollywood Screenplay Contest

“I want to thank you for your thorough job with my screenplay analysis. It was very helpful to get feedback from a production POV, but even more valuable was your insight as a fellow screenwriter. I also appreciate your frank advice, your additional ideas, your promptness and flexibility, the written comments and suggestions, and the effectiveness of our phone conversations.”
–Gene Hong, Screenwriter, Actor, Producer, Los Angeles, CA

“Susan Kouguell is profoundly creative and immensely accommodating, capable of thinking far outside of the box when the situation calls for it. With her immense background in film, I’ve hired Susan for her talents on screenplay development, as well as to evaluate fine cut edits on my films. No matter how bizarre or outlandish our requests have been, she’s never shied away from the challenge, always delivering results above and beyond what we’d expected. She’s a joy to work with and a consummate professional.”
–Brian David Cange, Screenwriter, Director, Producer, New York City

“Kouguell’s keen eye helped push Brother’s Keeper beyond the realm of ‘Documentary.’ Her post-production insights were invaluable.”
–Joe Berlinger, Producer/Director Brother’s Keeper, Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

“Susan has been an inspiring influence throughout my writing process with clear and nurturing advice to get the best from my writing. Susan has the ability to see the true story and characters which ensures Susan’s feedback is first class every time.”
–Phillip Skipp, Screenwriter, United Kingdom

“Susan’s insight into story and character is extraordinary, and with questions and suggestions she guides you to produce a script that is the best it can be, scene by scene. I had the pleasure of doing a six week script workshop with her and the experience took my script to a whole other level. The feedback is honest, insightful, challenging and collaborative. She’s my go-to person now for feedback and I wouldn’t let a script go out of my hands without her input.”
–Wilma Schinella, Director /Producer, Sydney, Australia

“Susan was like an answered prayer for me as a new screenwriter tackling a novel adaptation. And over the years, her seemingly effortless and always insightful approach made rewriting accessible, offering direction on how to turn what I’d write into something that both matched my vision and met screenwriting “requirements” to make a story sing. If your script’s brand spanking new, slumping along, or just needs a fresh eye for a polish, Susan’s your answered prayer too.”
–Jude Roth, Screenwriter/Producer, Los Angeles, CA. Semi-Finalist, Chesterfield Film Company’s Writer’s Film Project Competition. El Doctor, writer/producer

“Susan’s keen insights and candid feedback were invaluable to me when I was preparing for the  Independent Film Conference. When I learned that my screenplay had been chosen as a featured selection, I knew I couldn’t have done it without Susan. Likewise, my spec TV pilot drew the attention of NBC executives because of her expert coaching. You can look, but you will not find a more committed, passionate coach than Susan Kouguell.”
–Katharine English, Writer, Digital Media Strategist & Consultant, New York City

“Kouguell can inspire you when you’re ready to throw your script in the trash, yet she is also a demanding critic motivating you to do better. She encourages you to fine tune your story and develop characters who are three dimensional.”
–Maria Escobedo, Screenwriter/Director Rum and Coke

“I’ve worked with Susan on three different scripts and found her to be perceptive, thoughtful and professional.  She has the uncommon ability to take her vast experience and bring it to bear on a project in a candid yet nurturing way. Her advice is absolutely invaluable.”
–Alfred Thomas Catalfo, Screenwriter. Winner/finalist in over 20 international screenwriting competitions

“What I like most about Susan is that she accepted the story for what it is. She didn’t question what I was trying to do; she just helped me to do it better.”
–Ryan Smith, Screenwriter, Top Ten Finalist (out of 6000+ screenplays) Nicholls Fellowship Screenwriting Competition

“My agent recommended I get a hold of Susan and Su-City Pictures to get my screenplay read. But I had no idea that Susan was going to give me practically a line-by-line breakdown complete with areas she thought worked well, as well as those that didn’t. I feel confident in thinking the tailoring, trimming and strengthening I did with my screenplay through Susan’s direction were critically instrumental in getting it optioned by a production company.”
–Trip Park, Screenwriter, North Carolina

“Susan has a great talent for zeroing in, tweaking dialogue and characters. She has my admiration and thanks.”
–Christina Conroy, Screenwriter, New York City. One Man’s Music: quarter finalist Writers Network competition.