Fellini in Amsterdam

Entering into the EYE Film Institute’s Fellini exhibition is an engaging step into the past and the world of the Italian film director Federico Fellini (1920-1993).   While the phrase “into the past” might evoke cliché images – there is nothing about this exhibit or Fellini’s visual style and imagination that can be considered cliché – this exhibition is a feast for the eyes.  Moving from room-to-room gives the sense of stepping into one of Fellini’s films. On the walls, breathtaking scenes from various Fellini films appear, including Amacord, City of Women, and La dolce vita.  Also on display are Fellini’s drawings, images from his dreams, as well as never-before-shown photographs and behind-the-scenes photographs by Gideon Bachmann, Deborah Beer and Paul Ronald. Movie posters and magazines from 1960-1985, also on view, offer further insight into Fellini’s films, his actors, and fellow collaborators. The Fellini exhibit presents a fascinating and unique insight into the director’s exploration of existential themes and his use of nonlinear narrative film structures, challenging traditional conventions. Step inside the forty-year career of Federico Fellini at the EYE Film Institute, which runs until September 22, 2013.