Jeff Greenstein with the cast of the new award-winning series Husbands Jeff Greenstein (far left) with the cast of the new award-winning series Husbands.

How can you pitch a new TV series? Screenplay Doctor Susan Kouguell finds an answer to this question of the month with Jeff Greenstein, the Emmy-winning writer and producer of Dream On, Friends, Will & Grace, Parenthood and Desperate Housewives

Question: One of my partners and I have begun creating a pitch for a new television show.  We’ve great faith in the idea, but I’ve never pitched for TV before.  Is there a different approach to presenting our ideas when it is time?  Besides a treatment, should we have a “pilot episode” teleplay at the ready?  Should we also have a synopsis of several episodes?  What do you recommend?

Susan’s Answer: Pitching for television takes skill, a lot of preparation, and some luck. Writers must know the company to whom they are pitching and the types of projects they are seeking.

For television, it is generally recommended to…

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