During the Locarno Film Festival I sat down with Perfidia writer/director Bonifacio Angius, star Stefano Deffenu, and Sardinia Film        Commissioner Nevina Satta.          “Perfidia”         is the sole Italian film in competition at the Locarno Film Festival where it just had its world premiere.

Perfidia : Angelo, 35, is unemployed, alone and without passion. He takes comfort in a bar, dreaming of meeting a girl with whom to start a family. On the    death of his mother he rediscovers his relationship with his father, Peppino, who had forgotten him.

Locarno Film Festival’s Artistic director Carlo Chatrian describes “Perfidia”  “turns the father-son relationship in a provincial city like Sassari    not so much into a model of the absence of relationships, but a prism through which we can read a country that has stopped communicating and is contenting    itself with survival.” The filmmakers refer to it as a simple and universal story shot in Sassari that could take place in any city of the province of    Italy. Bonifacio Angius states, Knowing the places of the film makes the story even more authentic.”

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