Many screenwriters share something in common.  Is it the agony and ecstasy of writing?  Well, for some yes, but for most –it’s about finding an agent, and when you do, finding the right one for you.

Indeed — finding an agent can be considered a full-time job. Not only have you written a brilliant screenplay but now you must write and submit queries, network and then network some more, and research agencies and agents that are the right match for you and your work.  Added to that is the endless time involved and sleepless nights, waiting for a response.  This journey can be challenging, often frustrating, nearly impossible, clearly nerve-wracking and nauseatingly gut-wrenching.

But then – alas.  You get the call. The email.  The response. An agent is interested in representing you!  Hallelujah. Congratulations! Break out the champagne.  Do the happy dance.  But don’t lose your common sense!

Yes, it’s wonderful that an agent has expressed interest in representing you, but do not jump into a relationship without making sure the agent is a good fit for you and your work.

Tips on Choosing an Agent

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